Thursday, April 15, 2010

A Monogrammed Blackberry?

I was browsing the net today and came across a great website for a variety of monogrammed decals and stickers. I was originally looking for a cut-out monogrammed sticker that I could place in the middle of a cute acrylic tray for a cute birthday present for a dear friend. Of course I became immediately sidetracked.

I found a website called that has a variety of monogrammed sticker options. Their motto is preppy decals & stylish monogrammed stickers for EVERYTHING you can't embroider. They had me at preppy!

At 1.25" across, the sticker can be made with three different fonts, including the fancy letters shown above. I have a pink hard protector case on my BB and it will be just perfect with a lime green monogrammed sticker! Check one out for yourself!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Longchamp Le Pilage- Help Needed!!

Between work and some travel these past two weeks, I've neglected to update my **new** blog. But I'm back :)

I'm a planner and start shopping for gifts well in advance of the actual holiday. With Mother's Day coming up in about a month, I've started some online browsing to decide on a gift for Mother.
I've decided to get Mother a Le Pilage bag from Longchamp. They are such an easy, ideal bag for toting items around town or for travel. Aside from the super cute look, the best part is that the bag folds up into a cute little it can easily be thrown into a suitcase. I personally always tuck my bag into the front pocket of my suitcase (and I even keep one in the pocket behind the driver seat...perfect for using during unexpected shopping excursions...which seem to happen a lot!)

I was thinking the pink bag above as the color to get (the black is just an example of how it is folded). also provides a custom bag service- you get to choose the overall size, handle size, colors, accessory finish and customize with initials or name! Since I am so taken by anything personalized, I am pretty taken by this option. Having Mother's initials embossed on the leather portion of the bag would be so cute! The only downfall is that the custom bags are made up of two panels vs. the single panel of the standard Le Pilage bags. See the khaki/pink sample above (not the colors I would necessarily choose). Even if you choose the same color for both panels, it somehow looks different.
So what should I do?! A pink standard non-customized Le Pilage or a customized one in navy/pink? What would you rather receive?