Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Check out this great giveaway from Preppy Little Dress!! I've been following her blog for a while now, and she has a great giveaway for her readers!

It's a Francesca Joy Palm Beach anchor wristlet!! Similar to the one in the photo, the pink and green wristlet will have an anchor on one side and a starfish on the other. How perfect for a winter get-away or a summer clutch. Or even add some color to the dark winter days!!

Have you entered yet? Get yourself over to Preppy Little Dress before it's too late!

Lunch Hour Find: Kate Spade!

I was checking out my local Marshall*s yesterday and came across this super cute navy and white striped platter. I thought it would be adorable to use when I'm entertaining, so I picked it up....much to my surprise it was Kate Spade and on clearance for $29! It's about 13" in diameter, so not too big or too small. I think this means I need to have a get-together sometime soon! (sorry for the poor image quality)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Mignon Faget: The Fleur-de-Lis

As a Kappa, one of our symbols is the Fleur de Lis, a mythical flower shown in our colors of light and dark blue. Often, a real iris will be substituted for in-person needs.
One of my favorite jewelery designers in a New Orleans store called Mignon Faget (French pronunciation of mean-yo fa-zhay). I was introduced to the fabulous line by a dear college friend and have been expanding my collection since. The jewelry isn't a mass marketed as others that come in little blue boxes, which is very appealing to me (although don't get me wrong, I have my fair share from that NY landmark store!).
One of the first pieces I received was this necklace featuring my beloved fleur de lis. Its simple and silver, great for layering and every day wear. The charm is sold separately from the chain, which is great so you can mix and match based upon your likes and needs. And its available in silver and fact, I may upgrade to the gold now that I find myself wearing that metal more and more! Not only does the necklace represent a big part of my undergraduate life, but it also supports a local NoLa brand. And the Fleur de Lis collection doesn't stop at the necklace! The collection contains more than 60 pieces- from rings to earrings to cuff links and ties. How cute would it be for the man in your life to wear the cuff links to a sorority sisters wedding? Love!

Have you ever heard of Mignon Faget? Did you check out their website?

Grad School Panic

Now that all of the grad school applications have been submitted and I sit and wait for interview invitations, the reality of going back to school is beginning to sink in. When I have a free moment it seems that my mind wanders back to the same questions:
- Why am I leaving a good job?
- What if I don't find one that is as flexible in the future?
- Am I really giving up a steady paycheck, health insurance and a matched 401k plan to have no income, no matched 401k and have to pay for my own insurance?
- Why would I consider leaving a town that is affordable to live in, for one that will more likely be many times more expensive to live in (again, bringing up the no paycheck fear)
- Am I making the right choice?

I know that these are the types of questions that anyone going back to school from a full-time jobs inevitably faces, so I try to tell myself that its best in the long run. And hopefully the nerves and the panic feelings will pass!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Weekend Recap

In-between another snow storm and a cold, my weekend involved a lot of sleep and laying on the couch. I attempted to go skiing on Saturday, which was the worst idea ever considering a) I was sick and b) it was 6 degrees when I was driving to the mountain. Needless to say I literally parked at the mountain, thought about it and then turned around and promptly drive home. Aside from wasting a couple gallons of gas and toll money, I was extremely happy with my decision!

The highlight of my weekend was the AFC Championship Game!!! My beloved Steelers won and are headed to the big game in two weeks!! I can't tell you how crazy Western PA is right now! It's certainly only going to crazier as the countdown to the game continues. I wish that I could go to the game, but sadly I need to be in DC that Monday morning, so I won't be able to. Although my wallet will thank me...traveling and attending a Superbowl game is no cheap excursion!

Boring I know! I'm off to Chicago this coming weekend, so hopefully next week's post will be a bit more interesting :)

Friday, January 21, 2011

Follow Friday?

Because I'm relatively new to the blog world, I want to expand my blogger dashboard and find new and fabulous blogs!!

Become a follower of me and then I'll follow you!! Let your friends know as well!

Can't wait to read all of your blogs!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wardrobe Wednesday: Online Favorites

I think that this past weekend that I have ever gone to NYC in my life and not done some serious shopping damage. It was just such a busy weekend- I was there for under 48 hours- and having my Saturday day full of college basketball and NFL football, shopping was just not going to happen.

Because there isn't too much shopping where I live, I rely on weekend getaways and online stores to help fill my closet. Below are some of my favorite online retailers- go check them out!!

CLOTHES: probably my #1 go to. You can sort search results by a ton of different criteria, shipping is super fast (always 2-3), shipping/returns are free, returns are no-hassle because they provide you with a USPS bag and shipping label when you get your item, and I can usually find a discount code somewhere online. I LOVE! another go-to website. With free shipping and returns, they guarantee worldwide delivery within 3 days! Perfect for any one studying or living abroad! With tons of great designers, the site allows to search criteria by style, designer, colors, sizes, etc. It was perfect when I was searching for a pink dress this past summer Free shipping if you have a Saks card (yay!) and can return online purchases in-store. Just make sure you don't miss their 30 day return policy!

SHOES: shoes, clothes and more! Fast shipping and 365 day return policy. Perfect if you are trying several different shoes for a dress. And request to be a Zappo's VIP! It's the best :) my go-to for designer shoes. Free shipping over $150 (which is easy to reach when buying nice shoes!) and free exchanges. 100% price guarantee, and usually free shipping and returns. I have small feel (think size 5) and this site has a ton.

What's your favorite online shopping site? I would love to know!