Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Grad School Panic

Now that all of the grad school applications have been submitted and I sit and wait for interview invitations, the reality of going back to school is beginning to sink in. When I have a free moment it seems that my mind wanders back to the same questions:
- Why am I leaving a good job?
- What if I don't find one that is as flexible in the future?
- Am I really giving up a steady paycheck, health insurance and a matched 401k plan to have no income, no matched 401k and have to pay for my own insurance?
- Why would I consider leaving a town that is affordable to live in, for one that will more likely be many times more expensive to live in (again, bringing up the no paycheck fear)
- Am I making the right choice?

I know that these are the types of questions that anyone going back to school from a full-time jobs inevitably faces, so I try to tell myself that its best in the long run. And hopefully the nerves and the panic feelings will pass!

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