Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wardrobe Wednesday: Online Favorites

I think that this past weekend that I have ever gone to NYC in my life and not done some serious shopping damage. It was just such a busy weekend- I was there for under 48 hours- and having my Saturday day full of college basketball and NFL football, shopping was just not going to happen.

Because there isn't too much shopping where I live, I rely on weekend getaways and online stores to help fill my closet. Below are some of my favorite online retailers- go check them out!!

CLOTHES: probably my #1 go to. You can sort search results by a ton of different criteria, shipping is super fast (always 2-3), shipping/returns are free, returns are no-hassle because they provide you with a USPS bag and shipping label when you get your item, and I can usually find a discount code somewhere online. I LOVE! another go-to website. With free shipping and returns, they guarantee worldwide delivery within 3 days! Perfect for any one studying or living abroad! With tons of great designers, the site allows to search criteria by style, designer, colors, sizes, etc. It was perfect when I was searching for a pink dress this past summer Free shipping if you have a Saks card (yay!) and can return online purchases in-store. Just make sure you don't miss their 30 day return policy!

SHOES: shoes, clothes and more! Fast shipping and 365 day return policy. Perfect if you are trying several different shoes for a dress. And request to be a Zappo's VIP! It's the best :) my go-to for designer shoes. Free shipping over $150 (which is easy to reach when buying nice shoes!) and free exchanges. 100% price guarantee, and usually free shipping and returns. I have small feel (think size 5) and this site has a ton.

What's your favorite online shopping site? I would love to know!

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