Thursday, January 13, 2011

Things I love Thursday: Clarisonic

I've decided that some Thursday I'm going to talk about health and beauty products: tried and true ones I love, new product reviews, etc. If there is a special product you are wondering about, let me know!

I've had a Clarisonic skin cleaning system for years now. I got it right after Oprah listed it as one of her favorite things. And it's one of my favorites as well! I have the original one, like the one shown below, but in pink (obviously).

With the Classic, there are two speeds and its available in three colors. Had I purchased a Clarisonic now, I would have gone with the Plus version- which has a body cleansing mode. I feel that this would be great on my decolletage area, an area often left untreated on many women.

The system was a pricey investment when I first got it (around $200), but I would purchase it again in a heartbeat. My skin feels so much more refreshed and clean after using the system. It gets rid of more of the daytime grit and grime from your skin than any hand washing could ever due. And its waterproof (or resistant) so I like to use it in the shower! It has a timer on it, so I know exactly how much attention to spend on each area of my face (i.e. forehead, each cheek, chin, etc.). SO helpful!

After trying a variety of different cleansers, I found that the Clarisonic cleanser works the best. The only bummer is that you cannot use an exfoliate cleanser with this system, or you risk harm to the handset. And the brushes need to be replaced every 3 months or so and cost about $20 per head. However, I buy my replacements on Ebay from a trusted seller (someone with lots of positive feedback) and usually get them for under $10 a head. Perfect!

Do you have a Clarisonic system? Or ever tried one? I believe I saw a commercial that a makeup company (one that you would find in Target or a drug store) came out with a much cheaper version- but I couldn't locate it. Anyone know the name or tried the new, more economical version?

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