Monday, January 24, 2011

Weekend Recap

In-between another snow storm and a cold, my weekend involved a lot of sleep and laying on the couch. I attempted to go skiing on Saturday, which was the worst idea ever considering a) I was sick and b) it was 6 degrees when I was driving to the mountain. Needless to say I literally parked at the mountain, thought about it and then turned around and promptly drive home. Aside from wasting a couple gallons of gas and toll money, I was extremely happy with my decision!

The highlight of my weekend was the AFC Championship Game!!! My beloved Steelers won and are headed to the big game in two weeks!! I can't tell you how crazy Western PA is right now! It's certainly only going to crazier as the countdown to the game continues. I wish that I could go to the game, but sadly I need to be in DC that Monday morning, so I won't be able to. Although my wallet will thank me...traveling and attending a Superbowl game is no cheap excursion!

Boring I know! I'm off to Chicago this coming weekend, so hopefully next week's post will be a bit more interesting :)

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